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Remington model 700 recoil lug replacement.




This lug design does several things to improve the overall function and accuracy of your rifle. It’s precision made from either stainless or 4140 steel. The design easily lends itself to an over size thread on the barrel. Many gun builders re-cut the barrel threads in the blueprinting operation of the build so the hole that fits over those threads is oversize. Since the lug itself does not rely on this fit being tight to locate the lug it’s easy to build clearance into this area. The lug is centered on the bottom of the action. You will also notice the lug is somewhat thicker than the factory version. This one is .250. The key difference between this lug and other aftermarket versions is that it creates a flat bottom for the cylindrical action.

This has long been one of the things Remington action buyers have wanted. Also in the blueprinting process of building the rifle the face of the action needs to be machined. That moves the location of the front guard screw hole in relation to the face of the action. That is not a problem with this lug since the hole for the guard screw is elongated to accommodate that.

As always these lugs are 100% American made!

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