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Thanks for taking the time to stop by Crabtree Tool & Die. I’ve spent all of my adult life in manufacturing and even before striking off on my own it was a dream to work for myself. For me there was always a better way to do most anything and there is almost always more room for a more quality a product. Like many my hobbies tended to overlap into the business so it came natural to make things for you folks that share the same interest as I do. In founding Crabtree Tool & Die in 1994 one of the top goals was to always manufacture things better than anyone else. At times that’s not hard either. Attention to detail and fit then investing the time in researching everything so it’s right before it ever goes on the market is just standard procedure. You want it to work, right? Why not make sure of that. That’s what I do. I take it to another level than many though. For me it’s a reflection of my reputation.

There is something else. In a day and age when so many things are made outside of our borders I think more people than me are looking for things made here. MADE IN USA is just not a catchy slogan for me, it’s the absolute only way it will take place.

One more thing. My time is always open for customer calls. I enjoy getting to hear from all of you. When you call it will be me you talk to and I’ll have as much time as you want to discuss your project and questions. I also value the input and getting to know so many fine people!


Jim Crabtree 

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